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in the world of Lovetta Coffee

  • We are passionate about COFFEE
  • We only work with premium beans SCA 84+
  • We offer coffee related merch and gear
  • We offer private label for certain products
  • At the moment we are only present in LA, Orange and San Bernardino County. Contact us if you are interested in representing us with your customers!
Monday9:00 to 16:30

Let's be Partners!


We can help your Coffee Shop with

 Equipment, custom cups and Coffee

We are focused on bringing the best experience to everyone who loves coffee like we do.

We have our coffee shop but we also help other coffee shop owners with private label merch and private label coffee. 

We also have suppliers of roasters, expresso machines, grinders and other gears related to coffee.

We are open for partnerships

We are open for new ideas

we just love coffee!!

Our expert skills


We can help

your coffee shop

From conversion-minded design to organic and paid
traffic channels