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From Beans to Brew, Dive into Our Specialty Coffee Universe with Specialty Single Origin, Crafted Blends, Gear, and More

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Elevated Specialty Coffee Experience
From All Over The World

From single-origin treasures to expertly crafted blends, each coffee tells a story of its unique origin 
and meticulous roasting process.

Green Beans

Selection ofquality specialty beans 80 to 87 points. Farms from Colombia, Panama, Ethiopia, Brazil.


Our coffee are roasted by Korean and American Roasters that were trained and certified.


Get a taste of our dreamy blends created for our easy to use DRIP BAGS. Taste the magic.


Dive in our world of quality and beautiful gear and accessories related to coffee making.

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Welcome to Lovetta Coffee, where passion meets perfection in every bean. Our journey began with a love for exceptional coffee, and we've curated a collection that reflects our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. From single-origin treasures to expertly crafted blends, each coffee tells a story of its unique origin and meticulous roasting process. We take pride in sourcing ethically, establishing relationships with coffee farmers, and embracing sustainable practices. Explore our signature blends, each a testament to our dedication to flavor and innovation. Elevate your coffee experience with our curated selection of gear and accessories, designed to complement the art of brewing. At Lovetta Coffee, we invite you to savor not just a cup of coffee but a journey through the rich and diverse world of specialty coffee. Join us in celebrating the true essence of coffee, where every sip is an experience crafted with care.


Small Farms of

Coffee Beans


Single Origin

and Blends

Our Products


Variety of single origin

freshly roasted beans



NOTES: Citrus, Chocolate, Caramel

Light Acidity, Round Body

This green bean was grown in 1000 altitude

Origin: Brazil, Minas Gerais

Variety of blends for our

coffee drip bags pack

Geisha Blend

8 Drip Coffee Bags

NOTES: Honey, Jasmin, Vanilla

Drip coffee made easy. This pack comes with 8 drip specialty Geisha Blend coffee bags. 

variety of coffee related

equipment and accessories.

We work with several Brands that are in pair with our quality and design standards like TIMEMORE, HERO and BREWISTA


Premium manual coffee grinder - xlite

HIghlights: Consistency, Precision Adjustment

Integrated Metal Body, Ease of Use

Patented S2C880 42mm conical burrs peovides a very refined powder with high consistency making it almost equal to an electric grinder. Capture the coffee’s full flavor and aroma in your brews.